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The Westminster Tote - Baby Blue

The Westminster Tote - Baby Blue


The Westminster tote is designed and handmade in Ontario, Canada. It provides value each time it is made to organizations like Charity Water, Sea Shepherd, and Climate Neutral.

Giving back to the people and the planet to help make this world a bit more sustainable is at the heart of everything we make.

  • Features

    ​​​​Handmade by craftsmen in London, Canada.

    Full-Grain Leather

    Lifetime Warranty

    60 day return

  • Delivery


    Tracked Worldwide Delivery

    We currently have 2 week lead time on all orders.

  • Material

    We use Premium Full Grain Leather. These leather age amazingly as they patina overtime. You will be able to appreciate the notible marks and colors that age as you carry this natural quality product with you as you go.

  • Specs

    Dimensions 3" Depth x 15" height x 13" wide.

    Our bags are handmade, the final measures may be slightly different.

  • 3%

    3% of our net profits go to a charity that you pick, We believe that business does not only need to be about making money, but also making a difference. We believe in a good way to build our community and build our worlds future.

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