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Camera Strap

Camera Strap

C$50.00 Regular Price
C$40.00Sale Price

Horween Leather camera strap, handmade by artisans in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

This strap comes with a snap stud or a threaded rivet options, depending on professionals use case.

The purpose in providing either snap studs or threaded rivets are to allow for end clips to be changed out as needed for different camera attachments.

The snap studs allows for very quick removal of end attachment, ideal for professionals who shift through multiple cameras more often and will not be moving around robustly.

The threaded rivet gives the user the ability to change out the end attachment when needed, but also provides a very secure end attachment, ideal for professionals who are outdoors and robustly moving.

  • Delivery

    Built to Order (3-5 Business Days)

    Tracked Worldwide Delivery

    Free Shipping in Ontario

  • Material

    We use Premium Full Grain Leather. These leather age amazingly as they patina overtime. You will be able to appreciatethe notible marks and colors that age as you carry this natural quality product with you as you go.

  • 3%

    3% of our net profits go to a charity that you pick, We believe that business does not only need to be about making money, but also making a difference. We believe in a good way to build our community and build our worlds future.

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