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Tropical Leaves


Who carries our goods?

Everyday carries for the people that carry us every single day.

Our leather goods are carried by the amazing people that help to make our planet better every damn day. They are story tellers, they are doers, they are builders and they create a better world for us to live.

Image by Ian Schneider
Image by Staffan Kjellvestad
Image by Tobias Tullius
Image by Etienne Bösiger

A good way to build.

3% of our net profits go to a charity that you pick, We believe that business does not only need to be about making money, but also making a difference. We believe in a good way to build our community and build our worlds future. 

Let's build good together.

about 3%

Charity Water

785 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water. We’ve been on a mission to end the water crisis since 2006, and with the help of generous supporters like you, we’re getting closer every day.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Sea Shepherd

The sea shepherd has been patrolling the ocean for over 40 years, enforcing conservation law worldwide. With each purchase at Trilgood you can select the Sea Shepherd to give 3% back to them by you from us. 


Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral Certified helps you find companies that offset and reduce all of their greenhouse gas emissions. Look for the label and make climate a part of your everyday.

We hope to be a climate neutral company soon. But in the meantime we still want to give to such a good initiative. Our 3% net goes to recruiting more certified brands. 

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